Our work underpins the Heart-Brain Connection and the Neurochemistry of Trust - LIFE BY DESIGN

Inclusion in Education

Building a culture of Inclusion in the Education sector.

Empowering our future leaders with Social Emotional Learning and Conversational intelligence to enhance awareness of the self and inclusion of the other to thrive in the VUCA World.

Living life from a place of strengths and empowerment for educators, care-givers and students
Holistic approach with coaching-led facilitation as a tool for:
- Psychological well-being, life purpose, personal growth and self-acceptance
- Managing stress, anxiety, depression
- Goal attainment
- Creative or solutions-focused thinking

What we offer
  • Diversity and Inclusion Conversations and workshops at schools
  • ‘Teacher as a Coach’ Certification program for educators and care-givers
  • Future Focus for Success (F3S) Coaching-led Leadership Development program for students age 8 to 18 years
  • Pro-bono coaching for youth from under-served sections
  • Coaching and Mentoring Interventions for teachers/ students/ staff at your schools

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