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The ACE Inclusion Model uses IBM Design Thinking tools to enable organizations to create an Inclusive Workplace Culture. It is a unique approach that REFRAMES Inclusion as Human-centered Innovation. This model sits at an intersection of Design Thinking and a Coaching Mindset

Coaching Mindset

Focuses on expanding Awareness and exploring different perspectives and possibilities, leading to developing an understanding or Cognizance of the issue. This triggers accountability and a will to act, enabling Execution and action towards sustainable transformation.

IBM Design-Thinking

Puts the user needs first. The model is aimed at attaining a complete understanding of and empathy for the user needs.

The two models complement each other as they are rooted in empathy, curiosity, active listening, deep understanding, with people and their multivariate diversity, needs, aspirations at the core.

Life by Design is honoured to partner with IBM to bring you ACE Inclusion Seminars to amplify Inclusion and move the needle for DEI in Asia pacific.
IBM is a global leader at a very mature stage of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, keen to share their DEI best practices and experiences to support and enable organizations in their DEI journey.


Reframing Inclusion as a Human-centred Innovation

Inclusion By DesignTM Diversity Equity Inclusion Program for Practitioners in Asia, offers a unique approach to Inclusion - a systemic approach coupled with mindset and behavioural shift with a focus on people’s needs, aspirations, deep-diversity and sense of purpose at its core.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Program for Practitioners in Asia is a 8 week online program that will equip participants with an in-depth understanding of DEI, increased personal awareness & commitment and Inclusive Leadership Skills to foster sustainable inclusion.


  • Develop your own personal perspective and commitment to champion DEI at the workplace
  • Gain knowledge of DEI terminology, evidence–based approaches, emerging trends and best-practices in DEI
  • Apply our ACE Inclusion Model to give a human-centric reframe to Inclusion
  • Learn globally recognized Strategy Framework of systemic approach to build sustainable Inclusive Workplace Culture
  • Learn to leverage the power of inclusive policies, systems and informal groups to foster inclusion
  • Develop Inclusive Leadership skills to navigate the complex and dynamic workplace environment
  • Leverage thought leadership and shared discovery with a network of DEI professionals from different industry segments across Asia

Program Outline

Setting the Foundation

Week 1: Basics of DEI
Week 2: Building a Business case

Systemic Approach

Week 3: DEI Strategy Framework
Week 4: Structuring DEI
Week 5: Measuring and Communicating

Bold Action

Week 6: Tackling Barriers to Inclusion
Week 7: Inclusive Leadership Skills
Week 8: Capstone Presentation and Graduation


Tackling Unconscious Bias - a Bespoke Masterclass for Leaders

A masterclass intended to raise awareness about the negative impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. Our unique methodology that sits at the intersection of of Coaching Mindset and Design Thinking will enable you to be able to recognize and take sustainable action to tackle unconscious bias at an individual and organization level.

The paradox of bias is that those who think they are not biased exhibit the most bias and when people think they are objective and unbiased, they stop monitoring their own behaviour That is where the danger lies!
- Taruna Aggarwal


  • Understand the neuro science behind Bias
  • Define and explore different types of Unconscious Bias
  • Understand the impact of Unconscious Bias on employee experience and psychological safety
  • Understand how Unconscious Bias creeps into organization systems & processes
  • Learn specific strategies to tackle Unconscious Bias
  • Enhance Inclusive Leadership Skills

Masterclass Outline

  • 3 Hour session
  • Conducted Online or in person
  • Highly interactive, experiential learning
  • Opportunity to network
  • Cohort size capped at 12


Life Coaching for Social Impact

Step Out and GROW program is aimed at taking the power of Life Coaching to the education and social sector promoting mental wellbeing and wellness of children and youth, our future leaders. The aim is to empower them with a growth mindset and positive attitude to manage life with a focus on their uniqueness and strengths.

There is a huge upsurge in mental health issues due to Co-Vid, Climate Change, and other disruptions in the VUCA world. There is a need to build a public health system of support where the community itself is empowered to tackle mental health issues. We need to harness the power of preventive methods that can promote mental wellness and reduce incidences of serious medical interventions.


  • Increase Self-awareness
  • Develop Confidence in self
  • Taking accountability and being responsible
  • Apply creative problem solving
  • SMART goal setting
  • Designing planned action to achieve goals

If you are an organization that wants to impact sustainable change in society while meeting your CSR, Inclusion and Social Development goals, we can help you. We are positioned to deliver Step Out and GROW projects for you with our strong network of certified coaches and NGOs across Southeast Asia