Wide Angle Conversations is a platform that facilitates meaningful conversations with passionate people, driven and committed to making a positive change in the world.

The Wide Angle Initiative was launched in September 2019. We survived the pandemic! Infact we released 3 seasons through this time, adapting, evolving, shooting when we could, going virtual and adjusting the format.
That’s because we are driven by passion, a passion to enable a culture of Inclusion in Diversity, and amplify Inclusion in the Workplace and Society.

We bring you Diversity of perspectives, thought-processes and the lived experiences of people. We create a story canvas with a focus on the common humanity, deep human connection and authenticity, because these are stories that are powerful capable of igniting change and enabling success in the audience.

#IgnitingChange #EnablingSuccess

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Our Products

Wide Angle Conversations – DEI Talks

Bringing you best-practices and insights from DEI & HR practitioners and champions. Creating a space for meaningful dialogue on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, raising awareness about its importance.

Wide Angle Conversations - Role models

Meaningful conversations with women who have carved out success for themselves in their chosen field. We unravel their stories, understand their strategies and uncover mantras that attracted success for themselves.

Wide Angle Conversations, Spotlight - Business Series

A coaching-led intervention for emerging Women Entrepreneurs. The Spotlight interview is the culmination into the Business Pitch and Elevator Pitch to increase awareness and enhance the business reach to a wider audience.

Wide Angle Conversations - Coach Conversations

Insights on coaching and the Coach’s individual journey and what drives them