Life By Design strongly believes in the Power of Transformation as being inherent in each-one of us. With this human-centered approach we are working towards enabling a culture of Inclusion in Diversity, by amplifying Inclusion in the Workplace, Education Sector and Society.

Our Story

Our Logo

"As a kindled fire reduces wood to ashes, O Arjun,
so does the fire of knowledge (of self)
burn to ashes all reactions from material activities."

- Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse 37

The Inspiration for our Logo came from the Bhagavad Gita, a 5000 year old scripture, that is a practical guide to living an authentic life, relevant even today

The logo represents self-transformation and the impact of these ripples of individual change on sustainable positive change for a greater good.

The peacock feather at the centre of our logo symbolises inner wisdom, self-knowledge and self-awareness. The inner most square represents the self; empowered by a deeper understanding and inner transformation.
The expanding squares represent growing empathy and inclusion of others. The many colours represent Diversity in humanity.



Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, ICF-PCC Coach and Consultant

Taruna has devoted over 20 years working in HR development as a Coach, Consultant and Trainer.
Born and brought up in India, Taruna is now settled in Singapore. She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Indonesia and has travelled around the world, enabling her to develop an inclusive multi-cultural worldview.

Taruna is dedicated to lifelong learning and contant movement. She has always been an entrepreneur. Backed by her experience in Recruitment and HR Consulting in the early days, she set-up her Executive Search firm, Target Search Consulting in 2007. She subsequently extended the services to offer Training, Consulting and Coaching under Life by Design with Taruna Aggarwal since 2017.

As a strong advocate of Diversity and Inclusion, she has always been focussed on building inclusive cultures, inclusive leadership and empowering an individuals’ experience of life. Taruna believes in pragmatic humanism and a holistic approach to wellbeing at the individual, leadership, organization and societal level to bring about sustainable change.

Taruna is working towards building an Inclusive culture in schools and empower the future leaders. She works with students to build resilience, agility and innovation for success in Work and Life.

"My passion is to take the value of coaching to everyone and make it their lifestyle choice.
My personal transformation began as I read and imbibed the Bhagavad Gita. Our authentic self is designed to live joyfully and empowered; without any limitations! I realized that the power to transform lies within us. We can live Life by Design, unravelling better versions of self, moving forward and growing. All that is needed is a shift in perspective and a creative thought-process for new options and possibilities to emerge. As I trained to become a Coach, I realized that coaching is that powerful tool through which I can enable transformation in others."



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